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Thank you for using Music Mapped, an interactive map that aims to map that places around the world that are sung about in popular music.

The map currently only shows cities, towns, neighbourhoods and states that have been mentioned in songs that charted in the top 40 within the UK and US charts since the 1960s.

Over 200,000 songs were scanned using manual and automated analysis - however if you think we have missed something please do let us know.

Alternatively, if you have spotted any other issues with the map or have any comments or suggestions - please use this form below to tell us.
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Are we missing a song? Let us know the details below. Just a reminder, the song needs to have charted in the top 40 of the UK Official Chart or US Billboard since the 1960s and mention a city, town, neighbourhood or state. (Continents, countries, streets and landmarks aren't included)
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