Shoulder Request Form
Use this form to request a "shoulder" (a sub-namespace) so that you can create ARK (Archival Resource Key) identifiers that by their appearance convey limited meaning to recipients. To do so requires reserving a shoulder under one of four special Name Assigning Authority Numbers (NAANs):

12345 (examples) Example ARKs appearing in documentation.
99152 (terms) ARKs for controlled vocabulary and ontology terms, such as metadata element names.
99166 (agents) ARKs for people, groups, and institutions as creators, contributors, publishers, "actors", etc.
99999 (test ids) ARKs for test, development, or experimental purposes, often at scale.

No single organization owns these NAANs, but you can use this form to request your own shoulder namespace under one of them (all such shoulders are listed in Do not use this form to create a shoulder under your own NAAN, for if you have a NAAN, you already have complete control over its shoulder namespaces. You can read more about shoulders at

When your request is verified, a unique extension to a NAAN will be registered exclusively for the organization. If you have questions about this form, please use the discussion group at
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