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Please fill in and submit the form below to express your interest in attending one of Avendale's Creative Play sessions. Contact the admissions office at play@avendale.school if you need assistance on booking.

請填妥及提交以下表格選擇 雋延創意樂時段。如若於預約事宜上需要協助,請電郵 play@avendale.school。

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We will confirm exact date and time of your visit based on availability. 我們將以電郵通知有關活動的日期和時間。
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- By submitting this form, you are expressing an interest in attending at least one of Avendale's Creative Play sessions.
- Places will be allocated based on a first come first served basis and on availability. Avendale will contact you in due course.
- Avendale reserves the right to reschedule or cancel without notice.
- Data collected above will be used for admissions and internal statistical purposes only and will remain strictly confidential.
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