TopCity Swing Guest Form (2019)
Please fill out this form BY SEPTEMBER 8 to request housing at TopCity Swing, September 27-29, 2019. We are a new scene so free housing may be relatively limited. We will do our best to accommodate our out-of-town friends, but if we cannot provide housing we will email you with hotels in the area in mid-September. We also have the possibility of renting cabins at Forest Park (, if this is an option for you please indicate so on the form below.

Couples and small groups, please fill out the housing form individually and specify who you'd like to stay with on the appropriate question. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Please email if you have any additional housing information or questions.
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Are there any other attendees you'd like to be housed with? (Please explain sleeping arrangement preferences for couples/small groups.)
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Do you have any physical limitations that would affect your housing needs? If so, please describe what you need here.
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If we run out of personal residence housing would you be interested in sharing a cabin at Forest Park ( with other dancers for $10-25 per night per person? (Forest Park is 6 minutes from downtown Topeka. Cabins have differing amenities depending on price. Forest Park is an alcohol-free facility.)
If we run out of housing in Topeka would you be willing to stay with a host in Lawrence, Kansas (approximately a 35 minute drive away)? (TopCity Swing doesn't have late night dance events this year.)
Will you be providing your own transportation or will you need transportation help from your host?
Are you planning to go to your host's home right after evening dances, or do you prefer to go out afterward?
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Do you have any pet allergies? If so, please explain.
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Do you smoke?
Can you bring your own bedding/towels or will you need them provided by your host?
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Is there anything else we or your hosts should be aware of?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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