Sol Invictus - Team Application
This application form is used to apply for the ANU World Solar Challenge Team - Sol Invictus.

Applications with a resume/CV attached will have preference.

We are currently recruiting for the team primarily focussing on positions within the Business, Admin and Operations team. We are also looking for any interesting skills as well!


Graphics Designer:
This person will be in charge of producing graphics and marketing material for the team.

Overall, the applicant must:
𕺧 Have a "can do" attitude
𕺧 Be organised
𕺧 The ability to adhere to deadlines
𕺧 Be a team player
𕺧 Be motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about the project
Be able to commit sufficient time to the team (minimum of 15 hours a week)


None of the above seem like it's for you?
We still want to hear from you!
If you have any skill or experience that you think we should know about, let us know!

Please forward any queries to the following form:

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