MineGlade Staff Application
To make everyone's life on The Glade (and all other game servers) just that tad bit better, we require your helps as active staff members! This application will tell us what we need to know before promoting/training you as our staff!
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Terms & Conditions
By agreeing to the terms and conditions, and submitting this form, you allow us to record your information like:
- The email-address you've provided
- The name you've provided
- The minecraft username you've provided
- The DiscordTag you've provided
and all relevant answers that will help us come to an answer concerning your application.

We reserve the right to alter, add or remove any requirements for the staff status.
If you, per happenstance end up below the requirements, we have the right to demote you to a regular member (You will keep any donator or partner perks you had before you were promoted to staff)
We have to: notify you at least a week in advance, on your specified preferred contact method (see Section 3; Contact Information)

If you break any rules, we can remove your staff rank, effective immediately, and we will handle your violation as we would any regular member's

Providing any incorrect answers, be it lies or troll answers, will instantly void your application and it will not be looked at further.

Spamming applications will grant you a 1-month application suspension and any applications we receive with any matching information will be instantly voided and deleted.

Nagging existing staff about the state of your application will void your application and you can re-submit in 7 days.

If these terms and conditions change, you will be notified 2 days in advance, allowing you time to change your answer and unaffiliate yourself with MineGlade.
I have read and agree with the terms and conditions provided above.
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