15th Firebird Developers Day (Intl survey)

I'm the organizer of FDD, the biggest Firebird conference in the world (in numbers of attendees). The conference happens in Piracicaba-SP, Brazil, and so far is mostly a Portuguese speakers conference, in spite of the fact that we always have one or two international speakers doing their sessions in English (with consecutive translation to Portuguese).

In 2018, FDD is completing 15 years of existence, and I'm thinking about accepting a limited number of international attendees (maybe 20). The conference will be in *** August, 18 ***, and it is an ONE DAY conference (starts at 9am and goes up to 7pm). The idea would be to set the conference grid in a way that there would be always one session in ENGLISH going on, so international attendees would always have something to watch.

The purpose of this initial survey is just to check the interest of the international community to participate in FDD. So far, this is just an idea, and the received answers will tell if it has any future.

Before answering, you need to consider that:

1) Conference is in the city of Piracicaba, interior of the state of São Paulo. It is located 160km from the city of São Paulo. The nearest international airport is VCP (in Campinas, 80km). The second nearest aiport is GRU (Garulhos, in São Paulo).
2) You would need to rent a car or take a bus to move from the airport to Piracicaba.
3) The Conference place is next to Hotel Beira Rio, in Piracicaba, so this is the best place to stay.
4) In Brazil, few people are able to communicate in English. Of course, hotel and top touristic places are an exception, but don't expect to find English speakers walking in every street. PS: People are usually very friendly trying to help, even with gestures :-)
5) Brazil's currency is Real (R$) and right now USD 1 ~ R$ 3,30
6) You can see the reports (in English, with pictures) of the previous years conference at www.FirebirdDevelopersDay.com.br

That's it.

Please, ONLY ANSWER this survey if YOU ARE WILLING TO PARTICIPATE. You probably wanna check flight tickets price, etc. before answering the survey.

Carlos H. Cantu
fdd @ firebase.com.br

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