Welcome to softball registration for the summer of 2019. This registration form is for participants from all churches, and is in lieu of paper registration forms. If you have any questions, or if you would prefer a paper copy of this form, please contact your coach, or myself at

This year, games will be in the evenings at 6:00 and 7:15. We are determining which nights (Monday and Tuesdays will remain but we will also be adding games on other days to account for more teams in our league) we will need and what will work best.

By their nature, sports are competitive, however sportsmanship and a loving, Christ like attitude is a non negotiable in our league. We are all out there to have fun, enjoy the sunshine, get some exercise, fellowship with other good men from around Eugene and engage in friendly Christ honoring competition.

Last year's sportsmanship was exemplary. Just remember, that regardless of whether you're a Christian or not, regardless of how another team, an umpire, or a fan treats you, it is your responsibility to respond with a kind and loving heart.

I love the camaraderie that sports brings us. It is why I, and all of our coaches continue to put forth the effort to bring this church league together each year, and I truly enjoy seeing everyone on the field having fun. I'm looking forward to a great year of softball with you all, and may God bless our season and keep us free of injury!

Matt Hoecker
Sports Ministry Director
Mannahouse Eugene Campus
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