Rules and Play 2020 Artist Form
Exhibition Objectives and Eligibility
Rules and Play is an interactive installation art show that runs every summer at the Living Arts and Science Center in downtown Lexington, KY.

This year, simultaneous to the show, there will be an exhibition of images from NASA of space. With that in mind, the theme for 2020’s Rules and Play will also be outer space. We are very interested in creative interpretations of the theme, though all pieces for Rules and Play must still maintain a level of interactivity.

There are a few primary submittable locations for pieces for Rules and Play:

1. Shared screen spaces: This is a set of giant windows which function as one shared screen with a gap between them. Every 5-10 minutes, these experiences are shuffled so that a new experience will be put up on these shared spaces. Additionally, there are shared controllers that can be used for the interactive element for these pieces.

2.Project mapped medallion: This is a ceiling medallion which will be projection mapped onto. Every 5-10 minutes these experiences will be shuffled so that new experiences can be rotated in.

3. Stand-Alone Pieces: We have limited space, but are interested in some pieces that will be placed for the duration of the show and are not shared with other artists.

4. Short-term pieces: We have a limited opportunity for short term pieces that can go in the planetarium, and potentially on the lawn for a one night engagement during the cities Gallery Hop event (July 17). These pieces would need to be installed and de-installed over the course of a day.

Keep in mind that any and all exhibits must be designed for all ages. This is both in terms of themes and content (no nudity, violence, etc) as well as in practical construction.Think both in terms of long term survival of the piece (will this interface last for two months) and in terms of it being used by people with low impulse control (can it be climbed on? Would you have to rely on barriers to keep someone from interacting with it in a way that is unattended?). These are questions that are heavily considered in the application.

Submissions will be accepted until March 30th, and we will announce selections on April 30th.The selected submissions will be a part of the Rules and Play show, which will run July 11-September 11.

Support funding may be available between $50-200 per artist for transportation and materials, but funds are limited. Please indicate on the form how much funding you will need, if any, and we will try to reach those numbers.

This exhibition will not be juried.

RunJumpDev is a non-profit organization targeted at development of independent games in Kentucky. To find out more about the organization, please find us at
Important Dates for Rules and Play 2020
Application Deadline: March 30th

Full Show: July 11 - September 11

Install: Saturday, July 11, 8 – 4PM

Gallery Hop Reception: July 17th, 2018 5 - 9PM

De-install: Saturday, September 11 2020 9 AM – 1PM
This will be the sixth year of the exhibition, the fifth year that we will be at the Living Arts and Science Center. To find out more information, please visit
Submission Guidelines
Application deadline is March 30th by 4 PM. You may only submit up to three (3) pieces.

We will inform people about whether or not they will be accepted by April 30.

Please fill out the form below to be considered by exhibition. This exhibition is only open to participants who are 18 and older.
Image Guidelines
Images can be in either jpg, pdf, or png form. While images are not required at this stage, they help illustrate the status of your work. Please label your images with last name or entry name.

You may use any external hosting site necessary for submission of images, as this form will not accept images. We recommend imgur or Dropbox.
For more information or questions, contact Amanda Hudgins
You can reach Amanda Hudgins at the email address
What is the name of the artist (or artists) for this work? *
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What is your contact email? If not email, then phone number. *
If you have more than one artist, please choose one person as a primary contact.
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What is the name of the project and/or installation? *
This can be changed before the show, but we need at least a temporary name.
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What is your description for your exhibition? *
Please limit description to 200 words.
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How does your exhibition relate to the theme of Rules and Play? *
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Please describe the concepts and systems behind your installation. *
The next question deals with physical concepts like input. This section deals more with the concepts behind your work.
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Please give a description of the ways that viewers may interact with your work.
Does it use sensors? What type? Does it track multiple people?
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Is your content appropriate for all ages?
This exhibition will be open to adults, but will also be accessible by children. All exhibitions must be acceptable for viewing by school-age children.
Is your exhibit sturdy enough to be steadily interacted with daily by large groups of children?
The exhibition is readily accessible by children who are attending the Living Arts and Science Center summer programs. A certain amount of hardiness is needed to last the duration of the exhibition. If you are not sure about the stability or hardiness of your exhibition, we do have one-off opportunities for artists to exhibit solely at Gallery Hop or other night time events.
Which of these fits the type of piece you're submitting for consideration?
In the Call to Artists and Description for this form, these types are laid out with more detail. Please read there for more clarity.
This section will detail all of the space and physical requirements of your piece.
Is the work wall-mounted? *
Will you need to be placed on or next to a wall.
What kind of access do people need to the work? *
Can they enter from only one side? Do they need to be able to enter from all sides? Do they need to be able to view it along a wall? If your piece is a part of the Shared Screen Spaces, please write N/A.
Your answer
What are your lighting needs? *
Do you need any extra lights? Do you need your exhibition to be viewed in near darkness? Will you be using projectors or monitors? If your piece is a part of the Shared Screen Spaces, please write N/A.
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What are your audio needs? *
Will you be using speakers or headphones? Will there be audio? Do you need a mostly quiet space?
Your answer
What are your power needs? *
How many outlets do you need? Will you be needing a power strip or extension cord? Can you provide your own? If your piece is a part of the Shared Screen Spaces, please write N/A.
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What are your physical space needs? *
Do you need a table and chair? Will people be standing? Laying down? If your piece is a part of the Shared Screen Spaces, please write N/A.
Your answer
Please provide a full description of the physical set-up of your space *
To the best of your abilities, include information like viewing/interactive distances, total area in square feet and any physical structures that will be present in your work. If your piece is a part of the Shared Screen Spaces, please write N/A.
Your answer
Are there any limitations or concerns about your project in a crowded space with other works? *
Do you have any concerns about noise or light pollution? If your piece is a part of the Shared Screen Spaces, please write N/A.
Your answer
Can your exhibition be touched?
Do you have a specific location in mind inside the LASC space?
For example: the planetarium, outdoor space, or hanging in the hall corridor. This is not required for submission, and is best answered if you have been able to visit the space in person. This question is more for people who are familiar with the space. If you are not, don't worry! This will not hurt your submission chances.
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Support funding may be available between $50-200 per artist for transportation and materials, but funds are limited. Please indicate in your application if you are seeking support funding and the amount you are requesting. Acceptance into the exhibition does not guarantee that you will receive funding or the full amount requested. Support funding amounts will be determined by RunJumpDev and are based on total numbers of requests and amounts available. Funds are provided through a grant received from LexArts.
To participate will you require support funding? *
Funding is limited; will you still be able to participate in the exhibition if you do not receive any? *
If requesting, what amounts are you seeking (range $50-200)
Your answer
Do we have permission to use your images for the promotion of the show?
These images will be used for the promotion of the show on flyers, blog posts, TV interviews, etc.
Are you willing to participate in the project profile on Facebook? *
Once a week on Facebook leading up to the show, we would like to post an image, description of work, and artist name for a piece in the show. This will not count against your submission.
Would you be interested in submitting blog posts or video updates about your experience with the exhibition? *
As part of the social media effort, we may host blogs from artists participating in the exhibition. Please mark whether or not you'd be interested in participating in this element. This will not count against your submission.
Please supply links to images of your work
These can be links to mock-ups, sketches, or images of the work in progress and do not need to feature a completed project. We will also accept video links here.
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