Mutual Aid Eastie
Thank you for joining Mutual Aid Eastie! We show up for our neighbors and aim to connect people with localized mutual aid. This is a rapidly changing work in progress, and we are glad you are here.

By filling out this form, you are adding yourself and any supports/offerings that you can make to our neighbors. People will be able to see your name, email address, and what you can offer, and are invited to reach out to you directly for support. Once your offering has been taken up, let us know and we can cross you off of the available offerings list.

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Are there any supplies or food you can contribute to the communal pool? (Please be specific in quantity)
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* If you CAN offer housing please elaborate on capacity and other relevant info
Can you contribute money to individuals or to a collective pool?
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Would you be interested in helping answer our hotline?
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Can you be a Neighborhood Point Person (NPP)? This means you’d take on the responsibility of reaching out to your neighbors, coordinating a neighborhood group chat or phone tree, and staying in touch with the other point people for resource sharing.
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Do you have capacity to help organize this network? We have several different kinds of roles to fill
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Do you have access to a car / are you open to driving for rapid response or pre-planned deliveries?
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Please feel free to express any concerns, ideas, exclamations, feelings, anxieties, etc. here:
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