Dream Kids Zambia Pastoral Recommendation
This recommendation form is to be completed by the applicant’s (present or former) pastor. In the case where the applicant’s pastor is a family member, an elder or other church officer may act as pastoral reference. We value you as a reference concerning the applicant’s character, experience, and aptitude for a Dream Kids Zambia Volunteer trip. Please provide us with as much information about the applicant as possible, so that we can accurately appraise their qualifications.

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You will not be able to save the form and come back to it later so be sure you are ready with all of your information before you get started.

Your prompt cooperation by completing this form (within 7 days) is greatly appreciated. Be assured that your responses will be held in strict confidence. Thank you.

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What are the strengths and gifts of the applicant according to your observation?
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what is your assessment of the applicant's weakness/struggles?
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Has the applicant proven on any occasion to be unreliable, dishonest, or questionable in character? *
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As far as you know, has the applicant ever been arrested for any offense other than a minor traffic violation *
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would you have the applicant on your staff? *
would you have the applicant on your staff? *
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Spiritual Maturity
Devotion to Christ
Integrity and honesty
Self Discipline
Self Confidence
Willingness to serve
ability to work with others
deals with interpersonal conflicts
ability to handle stress
communication skills
Positive. Contagious Spirit
Familiy Life
Leadership skills
Physical health
Emotional Stability
Team work
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