Beat PD Survey 2020
How are we doing? How can we improve?
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Some of you suggested a "Buddy List" where we would share contact information of Beat PD members that were willing to share with each other. This would give you PD friends to talk to when you need to talk or ask a question. Do you want to be on this list? *
If you answered yes to the Buddy List, please provide your name, phone number, email and location where you take classes below. Also, advise preferred way for other buddies to contact you.
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How long have you been taking Beat PD classes? *
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Have you ever been in a clinical trial? *
Are you interested in learning more about clinical trials? We need people with PD to participate in trials to find the cure. Many trials fail because there are not enough enrolled participants. Trials do not hurt you in any way. They just need your time and willingness.) *
Which activities below would you want to see offered? Check as many as you want. *
Do you have any family members that would like to join one of our committees? (examples: Fundraising committee, Events planning committee, Cheer committee, Grant writing, Board of Directors, Snack management committee, Support group assistance, Photographer) *
If you answered yes to the above, please write the name of the person and contact information (cell or email)
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If you have any other ideas or suggestions on how we can improve and better serve you, please share with us.
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