RYLA 2017 - Lake Lucerne Camp
Youth Expectation Agreement
Dear Parent and Youth,

Rotary District 6250 RYLA in partnership with Lake Lucerne Camp provides a positive learning experience for Youth. Their health, welfare and positive development is our most important consideration.
Because youth represent a large number of families from a wide variety of backgrounds and family customs, we want to be sure that we have common expectations. Parent or guardian and youth are to read and discuss the following expectations:

1. Youth should be responsible and sufficiently mature to conduct themselves at all times in an appropriate manner. Youth are expected to respect the rights of others to hear speakers and others during the programs.

2. Youth are to participate in the scheduled activities related to their staff positions while at the camp experience.

3. Youth will abide by the safety and behavior guidelines of Lake Lucerne Camp and their school or group.

4. Youth will accept that responsible behavior includes no possession or use of alcohol, tobacco and nonprescription drugs and weapons before, during or after this camp experience.

5. Youth will not leave Lake Lucerne Camp without consulting the teacher or leader in charge.

6. Youth will abide by the camp policy that no food/candy, cell phones and radios/music players be brought to camp activities and curriculum.

7. Youth will refrain from participating in initiation ceremonies, hazing, harassment, and other behaviors that involve humiliation or embarrassing another person. Such activities will not be tolerated.

8. Youth will have respect for Lake Lucerne Camp property and equipment; this includes using camp resources in safe and appropriate ways, not littering, and cleaning up after themselves. Youth acknowledge that there are areas of Lake Lucerne Camp that are off limits and will not enter those areas. Youth will report any damages or issues to adult staff and the Lake Lucerne Staff.

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