Launch Team Application
This is an application to be on the launch team for the summer 2020 publication of "Right Brain Rescue"

BENEFITS OF JOINING: You'll be invited into the private facebook group, Right Brain Rescue. You'll be influential on choosing covers, titles, and more! You'll receive an advanced copy of the book and required to submit an online review on Amazon prior to launch. You'll also be entered to win a swag kit with a promotional t-shirt, drawstring backpack, badge, water bottle, and pen.

WHAT'S REQUIRED: Members of the launch team should be comfortable with social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In), and understand how to tag and use hashtags. Members should be comfortable with tasks like sharing posts, videos or engaging with others online for a 1-2 month period leading up to launch.
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No way. I keep quiet online.
I'm comfortable posting my opinions.
How certain are you that you'll have time to read this short memoir and submit a review online? *
I'm very busy. I won't likely have time, but I'd still like to be involved.
I am excited to read and review! I'll make time for this!
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