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Due: April 1, 2018


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ESPR is looking for students who are ages 16-19 as of August 15, 2017. If you don't fall in this range and would still like to attend, email us at We can try and work something out!
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Application Questions
What are the 5 most impressive things you've done? *
Potential examples: having a blog with X followers, hosting a conference, writing a book, violating the laws of thermodynamics, building an artificial general intelligence -- or anything else you're proud of! If you have more or less, things, that's fine. 5 is just a suggestion.
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What questions do you like to think about? What makes them so interesting for you? *
We’re much more interested in learning about the thinking behind the models which spark your curiosity, *not* just a long list of questions. Suggested length: 3 sentences. Once again, more or less is fine.
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List any awards you've gotten here: *
Potential examples: debate achievements, math contests, chess tournaments, short story awards, MTG Grand Prix, Nobel Prizes, Fields Medals, etc.
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Closing Logistics
Do you want to apply for the flight scholarship? *
Flight scholarships will be granted based on need. If in doubt, apply.
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