NFTKEY Marketplace: Collection Integration
Know an NFT Collection that meets the following criteria?

- High standard of art and design
- Consists of an NFT collection
- Utilises an accepted NFT standard
- Has a following and collector base
- We trust your NFT smart contract
- Keen to collaborate with us

Technical requirements:

- Your NFT collection is not in a shared smart contract with other collections.
- Your NFT smart contract must have the ERC721Enumerable extension.
- Your API allows NFTKEY to crawl your images and metadata without being blocked.

Further considerations which make your collection more likely to be listed:

- Your collection has its own website and contains key information.
- Your collection has a consistent image dimension across all NFTs within the collection.
- Your collection, if they consist of video files are not inconsiderately huge.
- Your collection has a good momentum with being minted and is in demand.
- You're willing to encourage your community to list and trade on NFTKEY.


**Please note, we may not get back to you if you don't meet the above criteria.**

Thanks for your enquiry and understanding. Feel free to try again once you do.

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Your name *
Your role in this collection *
NFT collection name *
Twitter handle to DM + email *
We are @NFTKEY on Twitter
Link to NFT collection's website *
Website with own domain for the collection. Please ensure you include your social channel links on your website.
Willing to include a link to NFTKEY Marketplace on your website? *
Linking to your specific collection's marketplace on your website if we list your collection.
Max supply of NFT collection *
How many have been minted? *
We can assess collections that have at least 2 NFTs minted, to ensure metadata is formatted correctly
Which blockchain is it on? *
Smart contract address *
NOTE 1: The collection's smart contract MUST have the ERC721Enumerable extension. NOTE 2: ERC1155 is not supported.
Base Token URI
Optional if it can be found in your smart contract.
Creator royalty percentage
Default is 2%, max 8% and can be 0%. Please think of your community and try to keep it lower.
Creator royalty receiver address/s
Must not be a smart contract addresses, unless multi-sig.
Rarity ranking display on NFTKEY *
Note: Please check all of your metadata for typos, empty hidden spaces at the end of attributes, variations of spelling inconsistencies.
Collection description
So people can understand what the collection is about (NFT detail pages' descriptions will be pulled from your metadata)
Collection's artwork *
Giveaway marketing for collection (optional)
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