NFT Collection Integration
Know an NFT Collection that meets the NFTKEY integration criteria?

- High standard of art and design
- Consists of an NFT collection
- Utilises an accepted NFT standard
- Has a following and collector base
- We trust your NFT smart contract
- Keen to collaborate with us

Further considerations:

- The collection's website should be informative of all details a collector may like to know, such as total supply (or if still minting, how much per mint and live mint number feed), social channels, purpose or reason why the NFTs are worth collecting.

- Besides from the collection's images being hosted on IPFS or Arweave, be sure that they are additionally hosted on another Content Delivery Network (CDN), such as GitHub (free and fast!), AWS S3 or Google Cloud (Avoid Digital Ocean as it's usually slow like IPFS. Pinata is slow and also best avoided).

- The collection ideally is fully minted out or at least 2/3 minted for us to be more likely to list. This is due to how we calculate rarity rank for collections and the cost of daily collection crawls to show newly minted items.


Let us know and we'll get back to you if appropriate. Thanks for your enquiry.
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