"Whole Damn Vibe" Mastermind - Application
This is a mastermind coaching program for underrepresented folks and humans with hearts who have a deep mission and are ready to break the rules and lead with self-trust. 

Through our time together, you will become so confident in yourself to get your mission wildly visible and AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT. We’re putting a huge focus on embracing your speaker identity and boldly going all in on your dreams.

The goal? To experience more ease when creating reach, revenue, and rest!!

  • 12-Months of Mastermind Coaching
  • Unlimited Daily Message Support
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • A Diverse Community
  • Curriculum and Challenges (ie: Visibility Tour, Whole Damn Vibe Life)
Please fill out the following application so that we can ensure you'd be a good fit for this program.
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The investment for this 12-month mastermind is $6,000 USD pay in full OR 12 payments of $500/month.

Are you ready to join a powerful mastermind and take the next step to amplifying a business and life that's a whole damn vibe?
Please proceed to schedule a sales call where we can dive deeper into your exact needs and how I can best support you. This will be a great opportunity for us both to ask allllll the burning questions. Book Call: https://calendar.app.google/2nrPEP1SUbhdEp1BA

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