DC Minyan Bulletin Survey
Help us make the bulletin better!
When was the last time you went to an event you first heard about in the bulletin?
How should events be sorted?
Should event listings have a short paragraph description or simply the event name and time and a link for more information to keep the emails shorter?
If you see an event that interests, you:
What time should the bulletin go out? Why? It is currently usually sent on Tuesdays around 10am.
Your answer
How frequently should the Bulletin run?
Are you on any other newsletters or listserves from the DC area that provide local Jewish event listings? Check all that apply.
What other sources do you use to find out about events happening in DC? What about Jewish events?
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Have you ever posted a classified ad in the bulletin? Was it successful for you?
How useful do you find the bulletin? Rate on a scale of 1-5
Can you explain your answer to the previous question? What would make it more useful to improve your answer?
Your answer
Is there anything else that would be useful for us to know?
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