Welcome Survey for Matheny's 12th IB English
Hello IB seniors!

In order for me to get to know you better (and to find out how internet-savvy you are) I have created an online welcome survey for you to complete for homework. This homework is due before your class begins on Thursday, 9/5; if you don't have internet access at home, you can do this at the SHS Library or a the Sammamish Library.

Thanks for taking this first assignment seriously! (This means that you should use appropriate spelling, capitalization, and punctuation as you are making a first impression on your teacher with your responses.)
When do you have Matheny's IB English class? *
What is your first name? Should we call you anything other than the name on Family Access? *
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What is your last name?
Your answer
Do people usually have trouble pronouncing your name? If so, help me with the pronunciation.
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What is one thing about you that will help your teacher remember who you are? *
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What is the best email address we can use to contact you? *
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What are your parents' names? Who do you live with? *
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Are you a new student to SHS? If so, welcome! *
Who was your 11th grade language arts teacher? Last name only with the first letter capitalized. *
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What English class did you take last year? *
Are you an IB Diploma Candidate? *
Are you planning on taking the IB Exam for English in May? (You should--all my students passed the exam for the last three years, fyi.) *
Do you have siblings at SHS or siblings who have had me as a teacher? If so, who? When?
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Have you been in my class before? *
Do you have reliable, daily internet access at home? *
Do you regularly bring an internet-connected device to class that you can use for research or surveys? *
What languages do you speak fluently? What language(s) are spoken at your home? *
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How confident are you that you will be successful in IB English? *
Not confident at all. Why am I here?
I totally have this. Excited to show evidence of my intellectual abilities.
What do you perceive as your major strength in IB English? *
Please be brief. One sentence, max.
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What is ONE word to describe your experience of English classes until now?
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What do you think you'll do after you graduate in June? *
Please be brief. One sentence, max.
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In terms of reading fiction, are you usually confident that you understand the text completely? *
I never understand. Help me!
I always get it. Challenge me!
When you think about your ability to write formal paragraphs and essays in humanities, how confident are you in your ability? *
I would rather do literally anything than write for school.
I really enjoy writing despite it being challenging for all people.
Favorite choice reading material (a specific book, magazine, internet site, etc.) *
Please don't say nothing.
Your answer
What was your favorite reading experience from your junior year literature classes? *
What was your least favorite reading experience from your junior year literature classes? *
Anything I should know in order to help you succeed that you didn’t get a chance to communicate to me personally today? *
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