CC Beta Test Interest Form
A short application for any interested in becoming a Beta Tester for future CC builds.
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Discord Name & Tag *
What operating system do you use to play CC? *
What is your Patreon Tier? *
What is your level in the Discord server? You can check by using the "!rank" command in any text channel. *
Which of these is the most used gif in the server? *
Please find the error in this sentence. If there isn't one, write n/a: "His voice is deep and gravely in my ear, stubble scraping against my cheek." *
Please describe the error(s) in this screenshot. *
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If selected, are you willing to submit a word document indicating each choice you make, reporting any typos, grammatical mistakes, narrative inconsistencies, sprite/portrait positioning errors, and other bugs using bullet points, screenshots and a brief description of the error like the pictured examples? This method is meticulous, but it enables me quickly find and reproduce any errors. *
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If selected, can you test your assigned route and submit your testing report within 2-3 days after receiving the build? (Potentially during a weekday)
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If selected, are you willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)? This is to protect my IP from being leaked before its official release.
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By clicking 'I agree', I understand that the information I provided in this form will be used for no other purpose than to determine my eligibility to join the Beta Testing Team. *
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