Take The Pledge, Join The Movement
Take The Pledge and join the Platoon 420 movement in standing on the side of freedom in a drug war we didn't sign up for.

We participate in outreach programs, E-mail campaigns, public demonstrations, congressional lobby events, educational events, festivals and MORE! If you are interested in donating your time or talents to the efforts, Platoon 420 Is always recruiting volunteers with a passion for public outreach and social justice to assist in grassroots volunteer efforts Nationwide focused on ending the drug wars and legalizing nature.

With one non-violent drug arrest in America every 50 seconds, it's important to speak up for those being victimized by these drug wars. Stay informed, get involved, be the change you want to see.
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Will you take the pledge: "I will stand tall in the face of tyranny for the best interest of myself and my community. I denounce the archaic drug laws that have made victims of the people they were written to protect and I will NOT support any legislation that regulates what a person puts in their body. "​
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