Home Composting Survey
This survey will be used to help students in Swampscott High School’s Green Apprentice class to determine how Swampscott and Nahant residents are dealing with food waste in their homes. All information gathered will help us decide the next best steps on how to make a change in Swampscott’s local food system and how to make the community more sustainable.
Recycling through composting is an easy and cheap alternative to disposing biodegradable materials. How appealing is composting with the current information you know about it? *
It doesn't seem worth it.
It is definitely worth it.
Do you have any questions about composting? *
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Food waste is one of the most detrimental problems to our global food system. A great amount of energy is used to create a lot of food just for it to be thrown away, and wasted. Do you compost your food scraps at home? *
Did you know that the Town of Swampscott offers a composting program through Black Earth? *
What kind of system/container do you use to compost? *
Compost should be damp, have access to oxygen, and also start to look like earth instead of rotting fruits & vegetables. If compost is too wet you can add dry things such as dead leaves, and if it is too dry, add water. What do you put in your compost? (Check all that apply) *
Composting is a simple way to provide healthy soil to home gardens. On the other hand, synthetic fertilizer kills healthy microorganisms on your plants. If you have a garden, do you use synthetic fertilizer, compost, or something else? *
Are you interested about learning more about reducing food waste in your home? Please leave your contact information if you would like to learn more about reducing food waste.
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