Marlington Local Schools Needs Assessment
Dear Parent or Guardian,

We would like to know what you think about the Title I program this year. We welcome your insights, opinions and evaluation on how Title services impacted your child. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. The responses will be used to help improve the Title I program.
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Did you participate in and/or attend any of the following school activities this year?
Do you know how additional help with reading and/or mathematics is given to students in the Title I program? *
Do you know what your child should be able to do in reading and/or mathematics in accordance with the Ohio Learning Standards? *
Do you understand your child's report cards, test scores, progress reports, local and state tests? *
Is your child doing better in school because of the Title I program? *
What is the best way for the school to share information about your child and school activities? Check the best way: *
Would you like other ideas/resources to help your child with reading and/or math at home?
Do you have any comments or concerns about the Title I Program in your school?
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