JMRS ASMIRT CPD Q&A - Radiation Therapy - December 2021
Maximise your CPD by reading the following selected Radiation Therapy article and answer the five questions.
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Continuing Professional Development Q&A - Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapist-led telephone follow-up: identifying patients who require post treatment care

Najem F, Prosser S, Harris J, Beldham-Collins R, Cross S, West K. (2021)
J Med Radiat Sci. 

1.  The telephone follow-up (TFU) questionnaire contained a total of 8 questions. What did the first six questions assess? *
1 point
2.  Data was collected from 850 patients. The cohort included a total of 11 separate disease groups. What were the three most common sites that required treatment for side effects? *
1 point
3.  The TFU was scheduled 10 days after the last treatment which effectively identified patients who required additional post treatment care. How did the information obtained benefit the patients? *
1 point
4.  Based on the literature which of the following statements is true concerning gender and post treatment support? *
1 point
5.  Which of the following statements is true? *
1 point
Recommended further reading:
1. Elsner K, Naehrig D, Halkett GKB, Dhillon HM. Reduced patient anxiety as a result of radiation therapist-led psychosocial support: a systematic review. J Med Radiat Sci. 2017 Sep; 64(3): 220-231.

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3. Dixon W, Pituskin E, Fairchild A, Ghosh S, Danielson B. The feasibility of telephone follow-up led by a Radiation Therapist: experience in a multidisciplinary bone metastases clinic. J Med Imaging Radiat Sci. 2010 Dec; 41(4): 175-179.

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