Math in the Mail Pre-Kit Survey
Before you begin using the Math in the Mail kit materials, please answer the questions below.

When answering, think about your child’s normal behavior. Please note that it's okay that not all the questions are answered with a yes. All children develop at different rates.

Your answers will help determine which skills the Math in the Mail kits should focus on and which materials should be included in the kits.

Thank you for helping to make Math in the Mail the best resource for improving preschool math skills!

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Children entering a Head Start or GSRP four-year-old preschool program will be assessed at the beginning of the school year. This assessment information can be used to gauge the effectiveness of the Math in the Mail program and to help secure further funding for the program. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires consent from parents/guardians to access each child's assessment information. Information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) can be found at *
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Does your child verbally count (not always in the correct order)? Example: says “One, two, ten,” as she pretends to count *
Does your child verbally count to 10? Example: Counts to ten when playing “hide and seek” *
Does your child count up to five objects accurately, using one number name for each object? Example: Counts out four scissors and puts them at the table *
Does your child understand the concept of one, two, and more? Example: Says, “More apple”, to indicate he wants more pieces than given *
Does your child recognize and name the number of a small set (up to five) instantly? Example: Looks at the table and says instantly, without counting, “There are three Legos on the table.” *
Does your child combine and separate up to five objects and describe the parts? Example: Says, “I have four cubes. Two are red, and two are blue.” *
Does your child recognize and name numbers? Example: points to the one when you say “where is the number 1?” *
Does your child identify numbers to 5 by name and connect each to counted objects? Example: tells you “That's a three and there are three puppies on this page” *
Does your child follow simple directions related to position in, on, under, up, down? Example: follows parents directions to put the trash in the can *
Does your child follow simple directions related to proximity beside, between, next to ? Example: sits between Mom and their brother when brother says “Sit between me and Mom.” *
Does your child match two identical shapes? Example: puts a circular puzzle piece in the circular space *
Does your child identify a few basic shapes (circle, square, triangle)? Example: looks at a wheel and says “A circle.” *
Does your child make simple comparisons between two objects? Example: indicates which ball is bigger when shown a tennis ball and a beach ball *
Does your child compare and order a small set of objects by size, length, weight, area, or volume? Example: puts blocks side by side in order of length *
Does your child know usual sequence of basic daily events and a few ordinal numbers? Example: says “We go outside after lunch.” or “You’re second to use the computer.” *
Does your child show interest in simple patterns in everyday life? Example: notices that a special song is played whenever it is time to clean up, points to the tiles in the bathroom and says "they go this way that way this way that way." *
Does your child copy simple repeating patterns? Example: beats a drum or pot as you do: loud soft loud soft loud soft, Etc *
Please ask your child to tell us how they feel about math right now by choosing one of these emojis: *
How do YOU feel about math right now? *
What is your child interested in right now? *
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Is there anything you would like to know more about? If so, what?
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By submitting this survey, you are entering your child into a drawing for a prize. Prizes will vary, but one potential prize is a t-shirt. What size t-shirt does your child wear? *
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