2019-2020 FIRST Ladies Regional Partner Application
FIRST Ladies is a constantly expanding community, and we are quickly seeing a need to involve more teams in planning and running events.

Expectations for FIRST Ladies Regional Partners are:
- Run AT LEAST one FIRST Ladies event at a competition in the 2019-20 season (preferably two or three)
- Create or purchase promotional materials to hand out at competitions
- (Optional but preferred) Purchase FIRST Ladies shirts for members of your team to wear at meet-ups (https://shopfirstyle.com/t-shirts/first-ladies.html)
- Represent the FIRST Ladies community in a positive light and emulate the mission of our program to provide a place for girls on teams around the world to make connections and get support.
- Write at least two blogposts

It is preferred that applicants be only FTC and FRC teams, but if an FLLJr or FLL team would like to run an event in their area, please email ladiesinfirst@gmail.com and we would love to work with you!

Because we do not need multiple teams from the same area, we will not be able to accept all applications. We will stop accepting applications on August 31st, and all teams that applied will be notified shortly after!

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