Organic Farmers directly affected by bushfire emergency
Are you a certified organic farmer that has been directly affected by the bushfires in NSW or QLD, or are you likely to be impacted over the coming weeks? The Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative (ORICoop) is putting a call out, to assist farmers at this difficult time. We would like to hear from you.

Our desire is to enable organic producers to retain their organic certification, through support of maintaining their existing livestock or enterprise, and able to see the future thriving production of healthy certified organic food. We are critically aware of the difficulty for existing certified organic producers affected by bushfires to retain their organic certification through natural disasters such as bushfires, as seen by Black Saturday. We are keen to bring together farmers that are able to help, with those that are in the direct line of bushfire risk, now & in the coming weeks. And to work with certifiers where appropriate, to support the ongoing running of organic farming businesses in times of disaster.

ORICoop is founded on the principles of Co-operative values, preserving & enhancing certified organic farmland, real financial returns and localised food production systems. True Cooperative principles are around caring about our communities in times of need, & looking beyond our own business in difficult times.

Full ORICoop details are


• Your business type (livestock, horticulture & dairy)
• Location/Region
• What is required?
• Transport options
• Other help required?

** If you are a certified organic producer in need of help - please make sure you contact your certifier to verify any derogations, consideration or limitations in your current enterprise. (We will need these details to assist you)

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