Renter Energy Survey
This Survey is for Queensland renters to help Energetic Communities Association understand renter's knowledge of energy efficiency and any opportunities or disadvantages they see to the implementation of minimum standards for rental properties. 

Your responses will be used anonymously for our campaign advocacy for improving the rights of renters (please make a note if there are parts of your comments that you don't want to maybe see in a news article talking about the story of an anonymous renter).
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Where in Queensland do you live ( at least the town would be great, but suburb too would also be useful)
What rental arrangements have you had? (because you might draw on a range of your experiences, this gives us the context for these)
What kind of properties have you rented in? (you can select multiple)
Have you lived in a rental where it got extremely cold or hot inside?
If so, can you describe the experience, including:
- the type of home:
- how bad it was
- what measures you took to try and remedy the situation
Have you been concerned about the cost of your energy bill and felt not having the control to modify the home you're in added to your overall costs?
How important is the energy efficiency of a property you rent to you? *
Very important
Not a consideration
Have you ever rented or not rented a home because of its energy efficiency features? What aspects did you consider? *
Would you be more likely to take energy efficiency into consideration if given information about the energy efficiency of a home as part of the inspection process? *
How would you ideally like that information about energy efficiency of a rental to be presented? *
Yes please
Don't understand this option
I'm not convinced it's the best
I have concerns with this
A green star rating system
A list of features
Renter lived experience reviews
Electricity bills usage info from past tenancies
If you want to expand on your response to any of the above please write here (particularly if you ticked that you have concerns we'd like to understand what those are!)
Which of theses options would you see as most important to you?

My 1st order priority
My 2nd order priority
My 3rd order priority
My 4th order priority
Don't understand this option
I'm not convinced it's the priority
I have concerns with this
External shading/internal shading
Sealing gaps and cracks
LED light fittings
More efficient hot water systems ( or wrapping copper pipes in insulating foil?)
An overall minimum rating system
Mandatory disclosure and rental protections
Remove gas appliances and go all electric

Are there other options that you think should be considered as a “minimum standard”?  

What benefits do you foresee with requiring rental housing to meet prescribed minimum standards?

What difficulties do you foresee with requiring rental housing to meet prescribed minimum standards?

If we were to make a guide for renters what do you think it should include?
Not sure
I don't understand the purpose
Not necessary
tbh I wouldn't look at it
Information on energy bill literacy
Information on energy efficiency measures that renters can currently take
Information on rental rights
Opportunities for advocacy for some mandatory minimum standard
Overview of legislative and policy barriers
Clear selection
If you would like to get involved more in supporting the campaign for energy efficiency minimum standards then please leave some contact details and we'll be in touch! 

This could be a variety of things such as meeting with a group of other renters to learn more about energy efficiency, taking actions like writing to your MP, being in media stories or joining a theatre project telling these stories (all optional). 
If you don't currently have capacity to get involved but would you like to Sign Up to Updates! - Energetic Communities Association to be kept informed on what's happening for energy efficiency minimum standards for renters. The e-news is only occasionally when we have something to share, not on a regular schedule.
Any other comments?
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