Sense without sight: a crash course on blind navigation (talk + workshop), EMF 2018
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Please see for info on me (including photo) and some basic tips for how to interact with me. will have links to the major things.

Location: Sai's tent

Talk: Friday 16:15, center area between the things

Friday 19:30, 20:30
Saturday 10:00, 19:30, 20:30
Sunday 19:20, 21:10
ADDED: Sunday 11:00, 12:00

You can contact me at, #emfcamp saizai, Twitter @saizai, or EMF phone 4784.

After you attend, I'd greatly appreciate your feedback:

If you post about it, I'd appreciate if you use gender neutral pronouns for me.

Helping out
To run workshops for more than 1-2 people at a time, I need volunteer assistants. If you can, please select that below.

All workshops are free. Donations are *not* required to participate.

I expect the workshop to cost me about £500-700 in upfront fixed costs of equipment (telescoping canes, cane tips, blindfolds, props, etc.). Unfortunately, I don't have that. If you can help, please donate to me using:
* Cash: in person
* Bitcoin, BCH, Etherium & Litecoin:
* PayPal:
* Google Pay: ->
* Something else: get in touch

Finally, if you have:
* a working Northpaw anklet you can part with;
* ability to make custom eyeglass frames with zero light leakage;
* sections of tactile paving that can be borrowed;
* tactile or audio street crossing indicators that can be borrowed; or
* anything similar;
or if you are a cane or guide dog user yourself;
... please contact me & bring it to EMF (if possible).

Do you want to attend a workshop (whether as participant or observer), or volunteer to help out? *
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