F3 Savannah 2019 Challenge Entry
Enter details from an F3 Savannah (Pooler, Savannah, or Richmond Hill) event for logging as part of the 2019 Challenge
Event Date
What type of event was this?
Which Region hosted this event?
Savannah, Richmond HIll, and Pooler all fall under the Savannah Region. If you work out downrange, list that Region in the Other field.
What AO was this event?
If this was a standard workout, choose below. If not, leave blank or add "Other" for a downrange post.
Who was the Q?
N/A or Blank is acceptable if there wasn’t a Q
Your answer
Backblast Written
Which PAX attended?
Include the Q, separate by comma
Your answer
Who are you?
In case there is a question on this entry
Your answer
Was there an FNG?
Intended for adult FNGs (>18 years old). 2.0's are great, but this is to track new men to F3.
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