2020/2021 Chester Bowl Cadet Program
What is the Cadet Program? The Cadet Program is a youth leadership program that trains volunteers 12 years old or in 7th grade how to help and be leader on and off the hill. The program is split into two divisions. The Ski & Snowboard Cadets help teach skiers and snowboarders during the Holiday Ski & Snowboard Camp, Saturday and Sunday lessons. The Freestyle Cadets help setup and maintain features in the terrain park. Both divisions assist people requiring help to ride the chairlift, teach people how to ride the chairlift, help skiers and snowboarders on the hill, assist ski patrollers, and uphold the tenants of the Peace in the Park Agreement.

Age Requirement- Cadets must be in at least 7th grade to participate. Cadets may volunteer through 10th grade. No exceptions will be made to this requirement.

Orientations- dates have not yet been set but there will be at least one orientation for all Cadets to attend.

Cadets will take part in an online orientation as well as an outdoor orientation. Date are yet to be determined.

Continued Education- During the course of the season Cadets will have the opportunity to attend workshops that will increase their skills and confidence on the hill. These are not mandatory trainings. However, participants will gain additional leadership skills that will allow them to be more confident on and off the hill. Signups and more information will be provided after indoor and outdoor orientations.

End of Season Cadet Party: Not only do Cadets get to learn valuable leadership skills, get free food when volunteering, and an awesome jacket but Cadets also get an end of season party! That’s right, they get the hill all to themselves and their siblings to ski and snowboard.

For questions about the Cadet Program, please email sam@chesterbowl.org

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