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The Farmer's Market at Rockledge Gardens Curbside Pickup Program is here to provide fresh, local, and organic produce for you through easy online ordering and payment!

Select the types of produce and products you wish to pick up. Produce will be priced by pound or bunch. Please note the quantity of produce or products requested. If you do not want to purchase an item, leave the drop-down menu blank. We will send an invoice payable online when the order is ready for pickup. The invoice will include instructions for picking up your order.

Terms & conditions:
- Order minimum is $35. Any order that is below $35 will be subject to a service fee raising the total to $35.
- Availability is limited--orders will be fulfilled to the best of our ability.
- Please provide a contact number or email that you check regularly.
- Orders will be fulfilled between 10AM and 5PM, Tuesday-Saturday. Orders will be available for pick up between 9AM and 5PM, Tuesday-Saturday, and 11AM and 4PM on Sunday. Orders placed after 5PM will be fulfilled the next day the market is open. (e.g., orders placed on Saturday at 6PM will be ready for pickup on Tuesday). Orders placed after 1PM on Saturday, 4/4, will be fulfilled on Tuesday, 4/7.
- Orders not picked up within 24 hours of notification will be forfeited.

Stay safe! Treat your body well!
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Arugula (The Barefoot Farmer) $4/bunch
Beets, assorted colors (The Barefoot Farmer) $4/bunch
Blueberries (Williams Farms) $5/pint
Blueberry Leaf Tea Bags (Williams Farms) $9.98/20 bags
Carrots (The Barefoot Farmer) $4/bunch
Chard, rainbow (The Farm at Rockledge Gardens) $4/bunch
Coffee, organic, free-trade, whole bean (Sweetwater Coffee) $12.99/pound
Coffee, organic, free-trade, ground (Sweetwater Coffee) $12.99/pound
Cucumber, English (Pure Produce) $12.99/pound
Eggs (Funky Chicken, Bolding Family Farms, or Lake Meadows) $6/dozen
Mixed bag of herbs (The Farm at Rockledge Gardens) $4/bag
Kale, assorted (The Farm at Rockledge Gardens & The Barefoot Farmer) $4/bunch
Kohlrabi (The Barefoot Farmer) $3/each
Kombucha Love Jug (Ginger Berry) $10
Kombucha Love Jug (Spiced Roots) $10
Kombucha Love Jug (Elderberry) $10
Kombucha Love Jug (Passionfruit Mango) $10
Lettuce (Pure Produce & The Barefoot Farmer) $4/head
Lettuce mix with edible flowers (Garden Path and Farm at Rockledge Gardens) $5/bag
King Oyster mushrooms $7.50/8 oz
Portobello mushrooms $3.50/8 oz
Maitake mushrooms $10/8 oz
Cremini mushrooms $2.50/8 oz
Shiitake mushrooms $6/8 oz
Onions, bunching (Tomazin Farm) $4/bunch
Valencia oranges (Gamebird Groves) $1.29/pound
Peaches (Deer Park Peaches) $2.99/pound
Peppers, colorful bell (Pure Produce) $4.99/pound
Radish, daikon (The Barefoot Farmer) $3.50/each
Tomatoes, mix of cherry and heirloom (The Farm at Rockledge Gardens and Pure Produce) $3.99/pound
Aamama Baskets: hand-woven baskets ranging from $5-$22
Your answer
Barbara's Swiss Treats: Baby screamers $5, Brilliat savarin $18, St Agur (blue cheese) $12-$16, AOP gruyere $28, Alpage gruyere $19-$22, marinated fresh sheep & goat cheese $20, tête de moine $70, petit vaccarinus $45, fondue cheese $28
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Bitchin' Bohemian Blends: Fishalicious Seafood Seasoning, Cactus Jane's Tex-Mex Seasoning, Bayou Voodoo Cajun Seasoning, Kitchen Crack Jerk Seasoning $8/each; Hardwood Smoked Sugar $9; Bitchin' Salmon Rub $8; Peppercorn Pastiche $11; Smoked Sea Salt $18
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Bolding Family Farm: honey (8 oz $6, 16 oz $10), jams (blackberry, ginger/blackberry/peach, peach/raspberry, cherry, cherry/ginger, passionfruit, passionfruit/strawberry, raspberry, peach) $6, pickles (dill, dill and onion, crunchy sweet, jalapeño bread and butter, or bread and butter) $7/pt, duck eggs $7/dozen, gluten free carrot cake $5, gf chocolate chip cookies $4, gf cheesecake $5, gf chocolate cake $5
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Diana's Handmade Stuff: matching purse & face mask in novelty print $25
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Funky Chicken Farm: pork links (hot Italian, cheddar brat, Cajun, brats) $4.85/two or $9.70/four, Polish kielbasa $9.70/four, bacon $10, whole chicken $18, half chicken $9, two pork chops $12-$14, 1.25 pound ground sausage $10.30, 12 pack baby maple pork links $8.75, sauerkraut (garlic, bavarian caraway, plain, kimchee, or dill) $5, honey-glycerin soap $5
Your answer
Lavender on Cotton: succulent stud earrings $10, lavender dangle earrings $12, plant hanger earrings $15, cherub dangle earrings $14
Your answer
Momma's Sweet Delights: assorted popcorn (sweet or savory) $0.50/snack bag or $6.50/large bag, assorted chocolate bar $2.50/small or $3.50 large, assorted chocolate bag $5, pretzel marshmallow treat $2.50
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Red Cardinal Crafts: beautiful handcrafted foldable photo books and cork wreaths
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Sandpiper Urban Farm Microgreens: salad mix, radish, sunflower, sweet pea, or broccoli $6/4 oz container
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Set Adrift: macrame, handbags, and upcycled home crafts
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Space Coast Spreads: Candied jalepenos $10, jams (apricot habanero, triple berry pepper) $8, chow chow $10, soups (Senate Navy Bean, Sausage Lentil Fennel, Chicken Noodle, Vegetarian Chili, Swedish Meatball, Loaded Potato) $8/pint, black bean burgers (2 half pound patties) $10
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The Big Dream Factory: fresh baked bread (French, foccacia, or rustic Italian) $6, soups (vegetable or cream of tomato and basil) $4.99/pt, pasta (linguini, spaghetti, pappardelle, fettuccine, pipe rigate, rigatoni, strozzapreti, or bucatini) $3.50/8 oz., mezzeluna (kale and spinach) $7.99/10 oz., gluten free gnocchi $4.99, tortellini (cheese, mushroom/caper/almond, two cheese/ red onion, or mint/caper/almond) $7.99/8.81 oz., pesto or sundried tomato & olive tapenade $6.99/pint, pasta sauce (san marzano, puttananesca, or cream/white wine/herb) $7.99/pt, ready made meals (beet couscous salad $4.50, meatball & vegetable lasagna for two $9.99, mixed vegetable pasta $4.99, baked penne with spinach and cream for two $5.99, two stuffed shells $5.99, gluten free vegetable lasagna for two $8.99)
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Vital Silver: Wellness Immune Support $20/16oz, Organic Silver Soap (limoncello, happy hippie, chai tea, activated charcoal & tea tree, lavender, dead sea mineral bar, rose petal, lemongrass, or orange poppy) $6
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