2019 Adopt a Wetland Sign-Up Form
Thanks for your interest in our Adopt an Ephemeral Wetland Program. We look forward to sharing the magic of amphibians and wetlands with you this year! Please answer the following questions. Our adoptable wetlands come in many shapes, sizes, and accessibility, this info helps me select the perfect wetland(s) for you/your group to adopt. Please have one person from your group answer the questions.
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Additional names and email addresses of people in your group that would like to be added to our mailing list to receive updates about the program, refresher event dates, etc.
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Would you like to rent dipnets? Dipnets will be made available on a specific date once a month. We will host a training refresher once a month and you can take nets, go dipnet your wetland, then return the nets at a meeting spot later that day. For your convenience, if you would like to rent nets and store them at your house you may do so. Smaller kid nets (good for ages <10) are not included in rental fees, they will be provided free. Rental fees are as follows (fees are for the year, not per use!). 1 net = $25, 2 nets = $50, 3 nets = $75, 4 - 6 = $100 *
Please sign up for one of the following in-field training events. Trainings will be located a few miles south of Cap Circle off Crawfordville Hwy. Details will sent in a separate email closer to the date. *
We offer this program free as part of our mission to preserve the biodiversity of the southeastern coastal plain. Your participation in this program helps to fulfill this mission! If you would like to contribute further, donations are greatly appreciated. All donations from the link below go directly towards our striped newt repatriation project and associated educational activities (like this one!). Copy and paste this link into your browser to donate: http://coastalplains.org/home/environmental-education/adopt-an-ephemeral-wetland/ *
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