Somaliland Dream House
This questionnaire is for all the people who visit, or live in Somaliland and may want a house there someday.
The answers of this study will be available on our website
All questionnaires will be anonymous.
Please note you must be 18 and over to complete this questionnaire.
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Country and City of Origin *
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Average monthly income in USD ($) *
Do you regularly send money to Somaliland?
If yes, what is the average amount you send per month?
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Do you own a land in Somaliland?
If you have a land in Somaliland, which city?
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Would you like to have a house in Berbera? *
Would you like to have a house in Hargeisa? *
What is the maximum price in USD ($) you could afford for a house in Somaliland? *
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If you could or wanted to buy a house, what would be your preferred number of bedrooms?
Preferred number of bathrooms
Please rate the importance of each feature below that you would like in your home. (If you are on a mobile rotate your phone side way so you can see 3 options) *
1 = Not Important, 2 = Important, 3= Very Important
Not Important
Very Important
Family room
Modern Kitchen
Open Feeling
Closet Space / Storage
Entertainment Area
Large Bedrooms
Pool / Spa
Single story
Double story
Non-Stop Electricity
Energy Efficient home
Air Conditioning
Water recycling
Water collection
Do you have a preference for renewable energy?
How important is it for you to have an eco-friendly home? *
What house design would you prefer? *
Would you like your kitchen already equipped with all appliances?
Would you like your house already furnished?
Will your home be for: *
What do you think is a fair price for an energy efficient luxury home of 4 bedrooms in Hargeisa, Somaliland? *
What do you think is a fair price for an energy efficient luxury home of 4 bedrooms in Berbera, Somaliland? *
Would you like to be added to the prize draw of $50 for completing this questionnaire? *
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