November 4th 2017
9:00 - 12:00 AM

Skills of Tomorrow 02
Networks, Skenderpašina 1

About the workshop:

Studies show that groups can innovate faster, spot mistakes more quickly and find better solutions to problems. Still, working with others can sometimes be very frustrating, distracting and not that effective. This workshop will detect possible reasons for that, and offer practical solutions and suggestions on how to create and maintain good team dynamics, which is very important not only for you, but for your coworkers too. The workshop will help you gain new insights, acquire helpful tools and fresh methods for creating and maintaining a respectful and productive multidisciplinary team, which represents you and your company. This session will reveal which specific skills you might need to improve in order to become a productive part of a successful team. In order to empower teams, companies and organizations to stay fresh, open, agile and adaptable to the ever-changing circumstances, this workshop will introduce some unique methods, such as design thinking – that can help you implement a more decentralized approach to innovation, while designing new products, services and
implement more participatory and projects.


Nana Radenković (Education Platform Manager and Co-founder at Nova Iskra)
Belgrade, Serbia

Nana Radenković is one of the co-founders of Nova Iskra, the first creative hub in Serbia, an educational and research platform for design, architecture, new technologies, social theory and practice. She holds an MA in Management in Culture, Interculturalism and Mediation in the Balkans, alongside professional experience in numerous public, private and civil organizations, such as Museum of Contemporary Arts Belgrade, Film Center of Serbia, Center for Cultural Decontamination, Dis-patch and many more. She is active within the Creative Mentorship program, and was also a guest professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade. Her main focus, apart from developing educational formats for a new generation of entrepreneurs, is creating the most favorable conditions for genuine, multidisciplinary and collaborative working processes.

Kristijan Šujević (Nova Iskra Studio Manager and Co-founder at Nova Iskra)
Belgrade, Serbia

Kristijan Šujević graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, at the Department of management and production in theater, radio and culture. After studies, he gained extensive experience in realization and production of numerous theater shows, film and music festivals and conferences. He is one of the co-founders of Nova Iskra creative hub, where he is managing the Nova Iskra Studio offshoot, focused on special creative projects involving multidisciplinary design work. Over the last several years, he has worked with a wide range of clients, from small entrepreneurial initiatives, through producers and brands, to multinational companies or state and civil society institutions. Kristijan uses human-centered design methodology as a framework for managing the creative process that seeks the solution of a problem by involving the human factor in all of its steps.

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