Sunflowers Suicide Support Evaluation
Sunflowers Suicide Support are a new, developing and inclusive charity that are keen to meet the needs of as many people as possible. To do this, we need to understand a bit more about individuals who we are already walking alongside, what services they have found helpful and any ways we can improve. We would therefore like to ask you to complete this evaluation form. If at any time you are uncomfortable with providing any information, please leave the question blank or click ‘prefer not to say’. Some questions may bring out emotions that you struggle with; please in all circumstances take care of yourself and if you feel unable to complete the evaluation, this is absolutely fine. If you need to speak to someone following completion of this evaluation please contact us on 07542 527888.
Demographic Information
It is important for us to monitor the characteristics of people accessing our services, so that we can make sure that people from all different groups are able to access and benefit from our service. It is your choice whether you complete this form. All of the information that you provide will be treated as confidential and stored on a confidential computer.
Which age group do you belong to?
How would you describe your ethnic background?
How would you describe your gender?
Please give the first half of your home postcode, e.g. GL5
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