UMSATS 2021-2022 Application Form
After learning a little more about UMSATS, you will hopefully have a better idea of where you would like to find yourself on the team, as well as what sort of skills that you are hoping to walk away with. Sharing this information with us helps us more effectively set up the team, and tailor your initial position on the team more towards areas that you are interested in. Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill this form out and help UMSATS grow!
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Year in Program *
Which subsystems are you potentially interested in joining? *
Of the above options, which subsystem(s) are your preferred choices (have your top choice first if writing more than one)?
What is your expected level of commitment? *
Like to be kept in the loop, but not able to commit to tasks
Keen on growing within the UMSATS organization as a leader
What are some of your skills that you think would be an asset to the team? *
Could include things like levels of experience with different programs (Solidworks, Altium, MatLab etc.), higher level skills (web development, project management, embedded programming), or previous projects that you have worked on that have similar aspects to the work that UMSATS does. This is by no means a comprehensive list, so please take some time on this question to fill it out in some detail. Having an idea of some of the skillsets of our team members will help us organize an efficient and competitive team.
What experience and skills are you hoping to gain while working on UMSATS? *
Think about what you'd like your resume to say after a year of working on these UMSATS projects. What milestones would you like to work towards? Are there specific engineering areas that you would like to work towards more than others?
What's next?
After filling out this quick form, the exec and subsystem leads will work as quickly as they can to figure out placements for people, and contact them to notify the new members. Following this, we will be collecting a $25 membership fee (helps us cover some general shop and lounge costs), and then setting up new members with email addresses as well as getting them set up with slack and such.
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