Enrolment Form - Classes for Adults (Semester 1, 2021)
Adult Division - ACT German Language School Inc.

ACCOUNT DETAILS for fee payments
BSB: 032 733
Acc no: 161270
Please include your name and course code (A1 - C1) in the details field so we can attribute the funds correctly

If you are new to the ACT German Language School, please get in touch with our Adult Coordinator prior to enrolment in order to find the appropriate class and check if there are spots available (adults@actgermanschool.org.au)
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SECTION A: Details of Student
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SECTION B: Class for which Admission is Sought
Evening Classes are held from 7pm to 9pm.

If you are not sure of your level, please select "Other" and state details.

Please Note: The availability of classes will depend on the number of students enrolling. If a class cannot be offered because of insufficient enrolments, students will be advised as soon as possible and will be given the opportunity to enroll in an alternative class. Alternatively, they will receive a full refund of fees.
Please note that days and online/face to face are currently still in the planning phase and might change. If so we will let you know asap. The Tuesday A1.1 has been changed to face to face in Dickson. *
SECTION C: Textbook Order
I hereby order the following textbooks, for which payment will be made to the school (please place a tick against the books you require)
** All fees quoted are inclusive of GST where applicable. Tuition fees do not incur GST.
Menschen A1 for Beginner classes
Menschen A2 for Continuing classes
Menschen B1 for Intermediate 1 classes
Anders gedacht for Intermediate 2 classes
This book consists of a course book and work book which can be purchased at the ANU bookshop (Harry Hartog) as a pack cheaper than online. Please contact the bookshop directly.
Conversational Class at C1 level
No course book is used in this class. We work topically and material will be purchased as needed once the class has agreed on their interests and needs.
SECTION D: Tuition Fees
** All fees quoted are inclusive of GST where applicable. Tuition fees do not incur GST.
Please note that the fee has been reduced by 10% for this semester due to COVID support payments from the government, which we want to pass on to our students. We might need to raise the fee again in the future to cover our costs.
SECTION E: Declaration
Declaration by Student *
I understand that if I withdraw from the course after the first two weeks of the semester, a refund of fees will not be made. If withdrawal is within this period then the fee will be refunded minus 20% covering the first two classes and administration. If withdrawal is before classes start a full refund will be made minus a $15 administration charge.If a class cannot be offered because of insufficient enrolments the full fee will be refunded.
Membership of the ACT German Language School Inc. *
I acknowledge that upon enrolement I become a member of the ACT German Language School Inc. as per the Association's Constitution (http://www.actgermanschool.org.au/about-us/german-language-school-constitution-8-april-2018)
Please use the format: DD/MM/YYYY
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