Our Children Deserve to Grow Up in a Healthier Oregon: an Open Letter from Oregon Mothers
Oregon is facing a mental health crisis — the worst in the US — and no one is immune to its devastating effects. We have all seen this play out in our own communities in the forms of depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder. These are issues that mothers like us care about, because they affect the overall health of the community in which we are raising our children. With this measure, the goal is healing and wellness, and that is something all Oregon mothers can support.

Measure 109 was written with the safety and well-being of patients and the safety of the community in mind — there will be no retail sales, no advertising, no centers near public schools, no access for minors under the age of 21, and no off-site possession of psilocybin. We can feel comfortable knowing that if anyone in the community needs access to this cutting-edge therapy, they can receive it in a safe environment with trained, licensed experts available every step of the way. Join us in voting for a healthier Oregon. Vote Yes on Measure 109.


Oregon Mothers:
Samantha Montanaro
Sara Stowe
Malia Geister
Meredith Overstreet Page
Sara R. Holmes
Casey Wiser
Julie Battel
Amy Chin
Signe Bergmark
Victoria Dreyer
Ashley Preece
Natasha St. Peter
Lauren Acevedo
Sarah Ryan-Knox
Kaileen Barley
Melissa Perry
Chiara Juster
Alexis Nottingham
Erinn Rogan
Colleen Shoemaker
Kathryn I. Albert
Valerie Oakes
Rebecca Humility Pack
Rhea Graham
Lindsey Domanico
Caitlin Carleton Barnes
Julie Svoboda
Jenna Bowers
Lori Peck
Casey O’Keefe
Jessica Walsh
Kaitlin Shaw
Melissa Marie Roberts
Sarah J. Johnson
Lindsey Pate
Toni Malvesta
Sydney Green
Erika Russell
Carrie McGowan
Lauren Krygier
Veronica Yepez
Lisa Marie George
Amanda Geertsen
Madeline Witherow
Heather Sielicki
Kelly Francois
Nancy Gudekunst
Shannon Deidre Weldon
Felicia Duke
Kyra Harrell
Kelly O'Connor
Angela Breedlove
Cheryl Ann Alexander
Debbi Spranza
Bethany Haskell
Jolene Liday
Nickia Delaware
Ann Bell
Rebecca Mick
Angela Wood
Angela Adelman
Roberta Robles

Updated 09/11/2020
Add your name to this open letter in support of Measure 109.
Help break down the stigma that surrounds psilocybin therapy. Pioneering research at America’s top universities shows that psilocybin therapy can help many that are suffering from depression, anxiety, and addiction. Measure 109 is a carefully crafted ballot measure supported by medical experts, veterans, and people from over 300 Oregon cities to bring this “breakthrough therapy” to Oregon. As a mother, you represent yet another trusted cohort of individuals. Sign on to this open letter in support of Measure 109 today.

This letter will be used along with our other endorsements during presentations, interviews, and in various places online. A version of this letter will be printed in the Voters Pamphlet. Questions? Concerns? Email: charlotte@voteyeson109.org
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