Alphabet City Brewing Company Special Release: SUGAR PLUM FAIRY Pre-Order Now!
Individual customers can order through local retailers like Whole Foods, City Swiggers, and Good Beer - or ask your local market to order for you from Manhattan Beer Distributors. Or, contact us directly and we’ll help you find your very own Sugar Plum Fairy!
Here’s a new and easy way to pre-order cans and kegs of our limited release Sugar Plum Fairy. A complex dark ale brewed with real plum puree and Belgian candi syrup. Scroll down, fill out the form, and take a walk on the Alphabet City side!
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Sugar Plum Fairy
Sugar Plum Fairy -16 OZ Cans 6/4-Pack Cases: How many?
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Hey - did you know that we have these core beers in cans? You can also use this form to order fresh cans or kegs of Village IPA and Blonde Ale, or just contact your wholesalers directly.
Village IPA
ACBC Village IPA - 12 OZ Cans 4/6-Pack Cases: How many?
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ACBC Village IPA - 1/2 KEG
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ACBC Blonde
ACBC Blonde - 12 OZ Cans 4/6 -Pack Cases: How many?
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ACBC Blonde - 1/2 Keg
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