Tell Me About Your Business!
What would you say are your core Social Media objectives?
That is, what is the tangible impact you hope social media will contribute to your business? For example, not "to get a lot of followers" but rather "to get a lot of followers so that _____"
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Do you have a customer email list?
How often do you send a newsletter or other blast to your customers?
Just put N/A if you don't maintain a list.
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How many addresses are on your email list?
Your best guess is fine, and feel free to give a range.
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Please list a few companies you consider to be competitors of yours.
If not competitors, feel free to list companies or businesses that you consider to be similar.
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Think about how you'd like your followers to feel when they read your updates. What two words BEST describe that?
Choose only two.
If time were no object, please rate your enjoyment of / interest in being involved in the following activities, on a five point scale. Note that this question isn't about whether you think this is a good strategy for your business, but more about how much you like doing these things in general.
5 is "I love doing this" and 1 is "You literally couldn't pay me." (If you've never done it before, just imagine how much you *would* like or dislike it.)
Writing a blog post for my blog
Writing a guest blog post for someone else's site
Speaking publicly at an industry event about a topic on which I am an authority
Appearing on a live talk show as a guest
Appearing on a live talk show as the host
Taking and sharing photos of the work I have done
Think about all the traditional and non-traditional marketing you've ever done. What's worked best and what has not worked?
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Do you maintain a shareable digital calendar (such as Google Calendar) for business activities?
How would you describe your customers? What are some characteristics, be they demographic, behavioral, attitudinal, etc that unite them?
Your best guess is fine.
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Please list the trade organizations you're a part of, if applicable.
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What % of your customers are B2B versus B2C?
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What is your business differentiator as a business? And, if it's different, what would your friends and clients say is your biggest differentiator, that sets you apart from competitors?
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Have you ever considered SEO for your site?
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