Yearbook Info for Caregivers of Seniors
We are in the process of creating an AMAZING, UNIQUE yearbook for 2021! We want to make sure that EVERY student is represented in the book and that EVERY student who plans to buy a book does not miss out on the opportunity! Please go through each part of the form below to ensure you have the information that you need and you know what to do and where to go for questions. Please reach out to Colette Majestic, yearbook advisor, with any questions at (810) 591-5511 or e-mail
CA Senior's Name (optional in case I need to speak with your student about something you put/asked about on this form).
SENIOR PICTURES/FORMAL PORTRAITS: Please send or have your photographer send the picture you want used via e-mail to by APRIL 22. If a formal portrait is not received, the picture taken by our professional school photographer will be used. FORMAL PORTRAITS ARE DUE APRIL 22. What are your plans for your senior's picture in the student section of the yearbook? *
Due to a variety of delays related to the pandemic, sales and delivery of the yearbook will be different this year. The yearbook is still in the process of being created and will be printed over the summer; those who order a book will receive it at the end of summer, before our college-bound students leave to start college. This means you MUST PRE-ORDER the yearbook by April 16! If you do not pre-order the yearbook, one will not be made for you, and there will be none available to buy after they are printed. There are multiple options for payment and purchase available at the following link for Jostens: What are your plans for purchasing a yearbook this year?
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SENIOR RECOGNITION AD: If you'd like to create a special message for your CA senior in the yearbook, please click the following link for prices and instructions. You can also purchase a senior recognition ad via the link above where you purchase the yearbook at Reach out if you need help:
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BUSINESS SPONSORS FOR FAMILY/FRIENDS: If you or someone close to a CA student runs a business and is interested in supporting the yearbook program by sponsoring a page, please see the following link: and put your contact info in "other" so Mrs. Majestic can contact you.
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We LOVE getting pics from everyone in our CA community!!! The more we have to choose from to include in the book, the BETTER! Please e-mail pics of your student/their friends/sporting events to If you have a LOT, for example, if it's at a sporting event, please contact me so I can get a flash drive, card, or get the photos with a photo-sharing app so we can include them in the book! If you have a bunch, please tell me in the "other" section how to get ahold of you.
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The best, fastest way to get in touch with Mrs. Majestic is to call (810) 591-5511 or e-mail Please reach out with ANY QUESTIONS.
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