Haverhill Cooperative School District Residency Statement
For students attending Woodsville Elementary School:

New Hampshire state law is quite specific in that no person who lives outside the district may attend school without the consent of the school board. The fact that an individual pays taxes to a district, but has an established residence elsewhere, does not extend the privilege of attending local schools.

No student will be allowed to attend Woodsville Elementary School until an approved residency statement form is on file.
Student Name (first & last) *
Parent/Legal Guardian First & Last Name *
Physical Street Address *
Mailing Address *
Proof of Residency Documents
If you have lived at this location for less than one year, and/or are enrolling your child for the first time at Woodsville Elementary School, you will need to provide up to three of the following documents to establish legal and permanent residence. We may require more documentation if residency is in question.
This completed residency statement and three of the below proofs of residence shall be provided to the Woodsville Elementary School office. Please choose which one's you will be providing.
Definitions of "legal residency"
New Hampshire Statue clarifies definitions of "legal residency of a minor child" (RSA 193)
Please choose the legal residence that applies *
If you choose the 5th choice above, please provide the name of parent with primary or more that 50% custody:
If child is living with a guardian, please list name of legal guardian (please provide legal documentation):
Is anyone prohibited from contact with this child? *
If you answered yes in the above question, please provide full name of individual(s):
Please provide legal documentation of any court decision regarding parental rights, any existing restraining orders or decisions regarding contact with the child.
Residency Affidavit:
The facts set forth on this registration form are true & complete. I understand that providing misleading or false information about residency is a criminal offense. In addition, if this affidavit is untrue, I agree to pay tuition for my child/children to the District. I also acknowledge that it is my obligation to keep the school informed immediately of any change in residency, including a new 911 address and phone numbers. If there is a question of residency, I understand I may be required to provide further documentation.
I am a resident of the town of Haverhill, NH. Please choose the date of completion of this form. *
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