Is your Catholic college pro-family?
Catholic institutions, particularly colleges and universities, should set an example with regards to family leave policies says this writer.

"Universities lacking policies that recognize God’s rich and diverse calling to women cannot say they are upholding the dignity of women," says writer Molly Jo Rose. "Universities lacking policies that grant adequate paid leave after having a baby cannot profess to be pro-life. And universities with policies that do not extend paid leaves to both parents cannot be considered pro-family."

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1. My workplace provides paid maternity leave.
2. My workplace provides paid paternity leave.
3. My workplace offers paid maternity leave:
4. My workplace offers paid paternity leave:
5. My workplace only offers family leave through short-term disability and/or sick leave.
6. I took unpaid leave when my children were born.
7. My spouse and I have delayed having children because of the lack of family leave at our workplace(s).
8. I work at a Catholic institution.
9. Family leave is a pro-life issue.
10. Organizations lacking policies that grant adequate paid parental leave cannot profess to be pro-life.
11. Women should not have to choose between working and having children.
12. Catholic institutions have an ethical and theological responsibility to uphold women’s right to work.
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