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College cheer coaches: when I coached KU, it was hard to find time to identify and evaluate prospective cheerleaders. So I'm creating this totally free service to help you find prospects, and to help high school cheerleaders discover their options.

Just enter your info below, which I'll publish onto the Colleges page in a few days. Every couple weeks or so, I'll email you the prospects who submitted their info those weeks. You can contact any who you're interested in, and ignore the rest. :) Quick, easy, free scouting! If you have any questions, email me at
What's the name of your school? *
What city is your school in? *
What's the 2-letter abbreviation of the state your school is in? (If non-USA, enter the country instead) *
How many students does your school have? (round to the nearest thousand) *
What region of the USA is your school in? *
Approximately how many people live in the city where your school is? *
Does your school offer 4-year or 2-year degrees? (if both, choose 4-year) *
In what division and athletic conference is your school? *
What's your school's home page URL? (eg *
What's your cheer site's URL? *
What type of squad(s) do you have? *
Does your squad compete? *
If so, where does your squad compete?
What's your approximate average annual cheer scholarship per person? *
The number at the beginning of each option is what the web page uses to show the moneybag icons. If you have seniority-based scholarships, list the average across the whole squad. For example, if freshmen get nothing and seniors get $4000 per year, choose $2000 per year. Round to the nearest category.
What's the total capacity of your basketball arena? *
What's your average basketball attendance per game? *
What's the total capacity of your football stadium?
Leave it blank if you don't have a football team.
What's your average football attendance per game?
Leave it blank if you don't have a football team.
Almost done! Next you'll specify one coach who will both a) appear on your squad listing and b) receive my biweekly email of cheer prospect submissions (free).
Label for coach (eg, Head coach, Advisor, etc.). *
But keep it short, not "Spirit Squad Coordinator" or it'll mess up the nice formatting on the cards. :)
Coach's name (First Last, eg Corey Stone) *
Coach's email *
I won't make you enter it twice, but please double-check it. :)
Let's get you some more social media followers.
For each, leave it blank if you don't have a team account.
What's your squad Facebook URL?
Enter the entire URL, eg
What's your squad Instagram handle?
Enter only the handle with no @ sign, eg kucheerleading
What's your squad Twitter handle?
Enter only the handle with no @ sign, eg kucheer
What's your squad Snapchat username?
Enter only the username, eg cheermoji
Almost done - this time I mean it.
What else might someone search your school by?
eg KU Jayhawks, etc.
Approximately how competitive are your tryouts for girls?
I know you're probably thinking "It depends!" and I agree, but it really helps kids to know approximate requirements to help narrow down their college list, and hopefully it'll help you get more candidates at the level you want. I'll explain to the kids that it's just a rough estimate. I specify it's only girl requirements since freshman guy skill ranges so much.
Clear selection
Provide a 140-character promotional statement that'll appear with your squad info. *
Write it in the first person, because it'll display in quotes with your name under it. Basically, explain why someone should choose your squad and school.
Lastly, what's your biggest coaching struggle?
This won't appear on the web site at all, but I'm working on making more cheer coach tools, so your answer will help me help you. :)
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