2020 WFVP Radio Show Medley Audition Request
Interested in being a part of our 2020 Radio Show on Friday, November 6th at 7:00 pm?

We will be performing a live on-stage recreation of four 30-minute radio shows from the past:
I - "Tunnel Under the World" from the X Minus One series
II - "Ghost Party" from the Lights Out series
III - "The Man from Venus" from the Romance series
IV - "Election Night" from the Fibber McGee & Molly series

This show will be in the Activities Room (2nd Stage area) to allow a modest audience a relaxing atmosphere while maintaining social distancing. This show will also be livestreamed via Zoom for those who wish to enjoy it remotely.

We would like you to audition in person but would understand if you would like to schedule a virtual audition. Note: We do plan to have 4-5 rehearsals depending on schedules that will be in-person at the theatre. All actors will be screened for temperature and Covid-19 history. Masks are mandatory at the theatre.

Scripts will be provided in advance via email. Paper copies will be provided for in-person auditions.
Actors will likely be asked to play multiple characters. We are looking for people who can make distinct changes to their voice to differentiate their characters.
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