AMS Officer Nominations (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019)
Aloha Anime Manga Society (AMS) members!

We are beginning officer nominations for the Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 school year. This would be a great opportunity to enhance your leadership skills as well as improving the Anime Manga Society at UH Manoa into future years—bringing the fun of the anime and gaming community onto campus.

You may nominate yourself or another member that you deem to have the qualities to be an officer. You may submit multiple forms if you wish to nominate multiple people.
Nominees must have the following:
• Be an AMS member
• Be a UH student
• Have availability to attend officer meetings/club meetings
• Overall interest in improving the club

Open officer positions are as follows:
• Communications Officer - In charge of club announcements and club social media accounts (facebook and email). Answering emails. Sending out emails to club contacts with announcements
• Publications Officer/PR - Create club flyers to recruit new members. Getting the AMS name out on campus.
• Vice President (male and female representatives) - Assists club president. Recruiting members and running club meetings.

We are happy to have all who share an interest in running a RIO and bringing together all who have a shared love of anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

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Roles marked with * are senior positions and make most of the decisions in regards to AMS and related organizations. Also note that there are two Vice President Positions, one male and one female.
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