2019 #Write4Life Prize Pool Form
This questionnaire determines the number of entries you have and your prize preferences. Please note that this information will be checked before winners are announced, and any misrepresentations about the amount donated will disqualify a winner.
If you win a prize, what @Twitter-handle or name should we use when we announce the winner? *
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What email was used to make this donation? (E.g. the PayPal or GoFundMe account email.) This is for verification purposes, and will be kept private and not used to contact you. *
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If you win a prize, can we notify you using the email address above? If not, please enter the preferred e-mail in Other. *
What amount did you donate? Check only one. These entries will go into EVERY drawing you select! *
What prizes would you like to be entered for? Check all that apply. *
Please indicate the genres you write, so if you win, we can best match up critique donors & writers. Check all that apply.
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If you selected books, please specify your preferred reading genres. Check all that apply.
Is there anything else you'd like us to know? (For example: "I already own Scrivener.")
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