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Please note- out of respect for the design process of our employees, we do not accept design requests that are not submitted at least two weeks in advance. It is HIGHLY suggested that you get into contact with either Yuki (ocomm_yuki) or Pari (ocomm_pari) after submitting a request in order to talk through your vision for the design.

Designs are limited to two revision rounds per request, after the original iteration is produced.

Keep in mind all event dates, times, locations, and other copy MUST BE FINAL.

For follow up information or additional details, please get in touch with the Communications Director at

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If an urgent request please contact Brittany Pham via Slack or
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Event date should be final. Please use N/A if not applicable to design.
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Event time should be final. Please use N/A if not applicable to design.
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Event location should be final. Please use N/A if not applicable to design.
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Please provide a brief description of what will be happening, or the purpose of the event. Feel free to include links to further information.
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Who will you be targeting with this design?
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Personality of Design (Use keywords of what feelings you'd like to get from your design: warm, friendly, modern, etc.) *
What type of design do you want? Serious, colorful, funny, cartoon, photographic?
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What must appear on this design? (Ie: Logos, photos, etc.)
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What do you not want to see on the poster (i.e.: Faces, names, colors, etc.)
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Please include any past projects, or links to designs you enjoy and envision on your design. (Do not mark as N/A, our designers can complete your project much faster with inspiration.) *
These can be links to posters that you like, company branding you want to model, or even a Pinterest board - anything that will help them have a better idea of how you want the design to look.
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Design Copy: *
Please copy and paste any and all text that needs to appear on the poster. PLEASE ENSURE YOU PROOFREAD IN THIS SECTION. If you do not yet have copy prepared, DO NOT submit a design a request (any request with "copy pending" will not be approved).
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Design Feedback & Follow-up *
Follow-up to collect feedback from you for your design request will be done by the designer that takes on the project. In order to make this communication faster and more efficient, OCOMM prefers to use Slack to send design outputs and collect feedback. Please indicate below if you are an active Slack user and are okay with follow-up via Slack.
Other notes:
Anything else that would be helpful for us to know about this project?
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Come chat with us *
Once you submit your design request, please drop by our office hours (Yuki and/or Pari) and talk to us about the design. This helps clarify your vision for the design so we can get it right on the first try.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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