If you are interested in competing in the 1st qualifying round of our Fall 2021 Open Mic Competition at Inman Coffee on 9/3/2021, please fill out the form below. All performers may perform up to 2 songs/pieces, for a total of not more than 10 minutes. The winner for the evening will go on to compete in the finals round on Saturday Nov. 19th, and will compete for the grand prize of $200 cash and a headlining show here. The prize for winning this week will be a $25 gift card to Inman, as well as an opening slot on an upcoming show, in addition to entry to our Finals round on Nov. 19th.

Performers must arrive by 6:45pm on 9/3/2021, or their spot may be forfeited. Judges will be scoring acts on the following categories:
Performance Quality
Full Name: *
Phone Number: *
Band/Stage Name: *
Performance Type: *
Sound Needs (check all that apply) *
All concerts that we host are to be family friendly. As we are a part of The Salvation Army, you agree to not say or perform any content that is inappropriate for a general family-friendly audience, and that your performance will be free from language or inappropriate themes. Do you agree to these terms? *
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